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The Custom Trailer Design Process

The custom trailer design process

The custom trailer design and production process at Oceanic Trailers ensures the end result is a trailer that is perfectly suited to the job, and engineered in the best way possible to ensure hassle-free, safe towing.

Taking into consideration the trailer load or vessel's length and weight, the first call is to establish wether the trailer is going to need a single or double axle design. Other determining factors include the most likely towing scenario for the trailer - if the trailer is going to be doing regular highway miles, it may be a better option to go with a twin axle trailer for the added stability at higher speeds. On the other hand, a single axle trailer is more agile and better suited to taking your custom trailer off the beaten track if it's a regular occurrence. Oceanic will provide you with all the right information to make the right choice for your custom trailer.

The next step in the custom trailer design process is to establish what type of load the trailer is going to be carrying and how to best support it over the trailer's length. For boat trailers, a different approach is taken when designing a custom trailer for fibreglass hulls as is used when creating a trailer for an alloy/plate hull vessel. The hull's design is another major factor -  Besides the obvious differences like a twin- or tri-hull vessel over a mono hull, modern watercraft are available in a wide variety of hull designs and shapes, from rugged, deep-vee plate fishing boats; to sleek, low and long ski and wake boat hulls. Each different hull design represents a unique hull support challenge, so at Oceanic we take particular care to engineer a method that provides even, stable support for your vessel on the trailer. We also ensure our hull support system makes it quick and easy to load and unload your vessel at the ramp, getting you on and off the water with minimum fuss.

The vessel's overall weight and the intended towing conditions determine which trailer suspension and braking system is recommended for your custom trailer. A trailer that will be making regular trips into rougher terrain will require a more robust and compliant suspension system than a trailer that is most likely to do short road trips to the local boat ramp most often. Modern trailer suspension systems range from simple leaf-spring designs through to independent and fully-damped systems featuring coil springs and shock absorbers - even right up to fitting air-bag suspension for complete control and adjustability.

Similarly, trailer braking systems for custom trailers range from basic-but-rugged mechanical systems with drum-type brakes for smaller vessels, right through to electronically-controlled hydraulic disc brake systems for trailers that are going to be carrying larger hulls or loads. Choosing the correct trailer brake system for your custom trailer ensures your vehicle and trailer are capable of braking safely and efficiently, with minimal stress place on the load or vessel itself.

Our experience and knowledge means we'll recommend the perfect suspension and braking system for your custom trailer, and configure it to work as intended, making your towing experience easier and safer. You can then choose from a huge range of trailer rims and tyres, giving it the toughness to take on the big trips in to the unknown with a rugged off-road rim and tyre combo, or match the bling of your ski/wake boat to keep everything looking slick with a set of sharp looking alloys and low profile tyres. Oceanic will recommend and fit the right trailer tyre, with the correct tyre load index and pressure for carrying your intended load on your new custom trailer.

Completing the custom trailer fit-out process, Oceanic offer customers a huge choice of quality trailer components and accessories such as winches, electrical and lighting systems, plus endless choices of extras such as spare wheel mounts, luggage and cargo racks, extra tie-down points, walk-thru trailer-frame platforms, protective mesh screening and trailer jockey wheel options. And if we don't have an off-the-shelf component that suits your trailer needs, we can design and produce custom trailer components in-house, meaning Oceanic can fulfil any custom trailer need, and you are not bound by the design limitations of using stock or ready-made trailer components.

With our vast custom trailer engineering experience, Oceanic also assist our customers through the certification and registration process for their new custom trailer, so they are safe in the knowledge their custom trailer meets and exceeds all the trailer design and construction requirements of their local authority.

If you would like to find out more about how Oceanic can design and produce your custom trailer to suit your exact towing needs, contact us today and let us know what you have in mind. our team of custom trailer experts are available to answer any queries, and offer advice on the best course of action to bring your custom trailer to fruition.

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