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Custom Boat Trailers

Custom boat trailers for fibreglass and alloy boats

Custom boat trailers designed and built here in Australia... Oceanic's decades of trailer building experience are built in to every custom boat trailer we create.

With a full trailer design and production facility, Oceanic offer custom boat trailer customers anywhere in Australia the full range of options and possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect bespoke trailer for their boat.

Every fibreglass or alloy boat hull design and layout presents it's own unique support and towing challenges when creating a trailer for it, and Oceanic have more experience than anyone at coming up with the most suitable trailer layout to do the job correctly. And with Aussie boat owners often towing their boats over long distances, and on some fairly average roads, getting the combination right is vital too ensuring your boat arrives at it's destination with no undue stress being placed on the boat's hull, the tow vehicle, or the driver.

Our goal with every custom boat trailer project is to have the boat's weight carries evenly and as low as possible - keeping the load's centre of gravity low means a more stable ride, with less pitching either front to back under braking, or side to side around corners and over undulations in road surfaces. There is also less and smoother actuation of the trailer's suspension system when the boat's weight is kept low in the trailer, meaning more consistent contact patches between the trailer's tyres and the road surface. This all adds up to far safer towing, and less wear and tear on the trailer's tyres, brakes and suspension.

Supporting the boat's hull correctly is vital, and Oceanic not only a full range of spec roller and skid systems to choose from to configure a custom trailer's hull support system, we can also fabricate completely one-off brackets and components if required, meaning your boat's hull is correctly supported, guaranteed. Distributing the hull's weight evenly over the roller and/or skid contact areas makes sure there is no undue stress being placed on one area of the hull, and it is being supported on it's strongest points.

Our galvanised Australian steel trailer frame finish is a tough, durable and economic option, and custom trailer customers can also choose to add a 2-pac paint finish to their trailer's chassis, in any colour to compliment their boat or tow vehicle's colour scheme. Another great option is a full aluminium custom boat trailer chassis, of which there are many advantages including a far lighter overall trailer weight, and the excellent corrosion resistance properties of aluminium - especially good if your regular boating destination is in salt water. Either way, all our custom boat trailers carry a three year structural warranty, covering all the fabrication and assembly work we do.

Oceanic's custom boat trailers are available Australia-wide through our network of over 140 dealers, or directly from our factory at Coomera on the Gold Coast. We guide our custom trailer customers through the entire design process, sharing our knowledge and expertise on trailer design and offering unique engineering solutions to their custom boat trailer requirements. The end result is a boat trailer that gives the boat owner complete peace of mind, knowing their vessel is carried in safety and with minimal fuss to their favourite boating destination.

Besides the style and construction of your boat's hull, another major factor in custom trailer design is the conditions you most often expect to be greeted with at the boat ramp. Over the years Oceanic have devised and perfected varied boat entry guidance systems to ensure unloading and loading your boat is a safe, quick process that has you out of the danger zone as quickly as possible. This really becomes an asset if you find the tide or some chop is working against you at the boat ramp, as can be the case at many ramps that are be exposed to the breeze or heavy tides.

Besides the massive range of ready-to-go boat trailer accessories you can choose from to add to your custom trailer build, another Oceanic advantage is we can fabricate custom accessories, parts, mounts or components. We have some great ideas and advice when it comes to making the most of your trailer's towing ability, or adding great custom extras to make the process of using your trailer a whole lot easier. Adding extras like custom welded-in mesh walkways, extra tie-down points right where you want them, or a spare wheel mount in just the right place makes all the difference when it comes to practicality.

If you're looking for an Australian made custom boat trailer that ticks all the right boxes in terms of ingenuity, build quality and number of options, all backed by a three year structural warranty, contact Oceanic directly today or talk to your closest Oceanic dealer Australia wide. With decades of boat trailer experience, Oceanic take custom boat trailer design and construction rot the next level.

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