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Tinny / Plate Alloy Hull Series

The good old tinny is one of Australia's most popular boat types. Simple, lightweight and ideal for lakes, estuaries and bay boating, the humble tinny has now evolved into a wide range of sizes and hull styles. From small flat punts right through to XXL plate-style V-bottom designs, there's a tinny design to suit every boaties needs these days. And all these hull designs need a boat trailer that is engineered to carry the hull correctly over distances, while also being easy to load and unload at the boat ramp.

Oceanic's Tinny Series has been developed over the years to offer a boat trailer range that caters to all the different hull sizes and designs that are available these days. From simple, rugged double-skid models for smaller punts and shallow vee-hulls, right through to large, multi-skid and roller designs to accommodate larger deep vee and tournament-style tinny hulls.

Larger plate alloy hulls are the choice of many fishers and divers who require a rugged, tough boat hull that can take the punishment of heavier bay and off-shore work. These larger alloy boats often feature high sides with extra deep vee designs, and so need a trailer that is specifically designed to carry them correctly. The Oceanic Heavy Duty Series of boat trailers for larger plate alloy hulls covers boat sizes from 4.8m right up to 6.4m, and our wide selection of different roller and skid configurations provides an adjustable hull support system that can be tailored to perfectly suit the shape and size of the boat's hull. The unique wide cut-out rear entry set-up on most heavy duty Oceanic boat trailers makes nosing the boat on to the trailer's keel rollers a simple, stress-free operation.

All Oceanic boat trailers for ally hull boats are fitted out with quality components. Suspension, axles, wheels and braking components, jockey wheels and winches are all premium items that have been chosen to compliment the rugged strength of our trailer chassis. All items are either hot-dipped galvanised, dacromet coated or stainless steel for longevity in harsh and wet environments. All wiring is fully sealed and LED lights are used throughout.

Beyond the long list of standard features that come with our boat trailers, Oceanic's range of off-the-shelf and custom trailer accessories and modifications lets owners customise their boat trailer to suit their exact towing needs. The addition of extra spare wheels, racks and mounting points means more items on the trailer and less in the tow vehicle. Off-road orientated rims and tyres can open up new possibilities for launching your boat further off the beaten track, or some slick larger diameter alloy rims and low profile tyres add a touch of class to match your boat or vehicle.

Our Tinny/Plate Alloy boat trailers come standard with:

  • Hot-dip galvanised frame                   
  • Galvanised coupling, hubs, axles and fasteners
  • Dacromet springs and winch
  • Hard poly blue keel rollers and skids
  • Marine seals
  • LED submersible lights
  • Galvanised swivel jockey wheel
  • Accesssories and upgrade options available
  • Three year structural warranty

Tinny/Plate Alloy boat trailer definitions:

  • TSL  - Tinny light weight trailer
  • TSH  - Tinny heavy weight trailer
  • SS    -  Short skids
  • SL    -  Long skids
  • B      -  brakes
  • TB    -  Tandem axle and brakes
  • WB   -  Wild body
  • DLX  -  Rear tilt cradle



Available directly from our Gold Coast based factory and outlet, or from our nation-wide network of dealers, these work-horse boat trailers for tinny and alloy plate hulls are ready to hit the water, and are all backed up by Oceanic's 3-year structural warranty on the trailer chassis, with all other components also covered by warranties for absolute towing peace of mind.

Some images on this site are for display purposes only, and may show additional accessories and upgrades not included on standard models. |