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Trailer & Boat Fit-up

Trailer & Boat Fit-up

Professional boat and PWC trailer fit-up

Ensuring your vessel is sitting in the optimum position for towing on your trailer is vital. An unbalanced boat or PWC trailer presents a safety concern for yourself and all road users around you, and causes undue stress and wear on your trailer's components, while possibly damaging your vessel's hull.

A well positioned vessel makes loading and unloading your boat or PWC at the boat ramp a far quicker and easier job, and places less stress on the vessel's hull during the winching process.

Once on the move, having your vessel balanced correctly and evenly supported by all the trailer's rollers and/or skids greatly reduces the chance of hull damage if you strike a large pot hole or similar hazard while towing.

Ensuring the ball-weight of the load is set at the right ratio lets the vehicle and trailer suspension do it's job correctly, and minimises the chance of trailer sway, or un-weighting the tow vehicle's front end. A correctly spread load also ensures the trailer's tyres, suspension and braking systems are able to work at their optimum, with less wear.

Contact Oceanic or one of our dealers today if you feel your vessel position on it's trailer may be causing any towing or launching issues, and let us assist you in ensuring your boat or PWC trailer is set up correctly and safely.